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Staging Services

Home Staging – What does this mean? Home staging is the act of preparing a home and the contents of the home for sale with a special emphasis on presentation and appearance.

Did you know that most homes that are professionally staged will end up bringing in roughly 3% more than the anticipated price

Benefits of Staging

Forces you to think like a buyer; gets you organized and de-cluttered; increases the likelihood of a sale; helps to justify the asking price and most of all it can be fun!!!

Interior Decorating Services

Interior Decorating can differ from staging concepts as you are typically creating spaces that appeal to you and your family. Focus is especially given on trend, styles, likes and dislikes including color choices, flooring, open concept, room separation and of course budget. Interior decorating does not have to “break the bank” you can focus on one area of your home at a time. If building new it is always a good idea to hire a decorator / designer to work with you throughout the process of the build, much like couples planning a wedding hire a wedding planner. This will prevent after the fact regrets regarding design, colour and function choices. Dockside Custom Design and Décor works very closely with an extremely qualified reputable contractor with more than 30 years of experience.

Home Design Consultations

Maybe you are a great DIYer and just need a bit of advice with decorating choices. To ensure you have a good combination of color, texture, pattern and function that all work nicely together it is cost and satisfaction beneficial to the home owner to hire a decorator. We will come to your home and obtain the important information necessary to develop a presentation board which will be presented to you and will assist with design choices until you are completely satisfied.

Re-purposing Furniture and Decor Items

Dockside knows that we all have different treasures lying around in our house, garage, attic and barns that we just can’t part with. Perhaps they have some type of sentimental value and you just can’t throw them out, but just can’t display them the way they are either. We can bring new life to those items by using a variety of techniques and finishes or we can take the item(s) and make a very unique piece that will bring you a lot of joy and memories in your house. The piece can then live on and will be a welcomed addition to your family. Another benefit to re-purposing

furniture is that you will end up with a “one of a kind” piece that no one else has or will ever have.

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